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Pens for boar

Product description

We also offer pens for boars. When using natural boar mating, a 10 m2 pen should be provided (mating takes place in the pen), while when insemination is used, this area can be reduced to 6.0 m2. The size of the sow herd determines the number of boars; it is assumed that in natural mating there should be 1 boar per 25-30 sows. The boar pen should be positioned so that the sows can see and feel it. This has a stimulating effect on the sows. In large farm buildings, the mating sector is separated as a separate room. A so-called 'finder' is used to stimulate oestrus, which is a boar that enters the sow sector and moves within sight of the sows. Boars are mostly kept individually. The boar's pens should not be isolated from other pigs. Animals stimulate each other with their smell and sounds. They are sociable animals which form social bonds with each other. The best place to locate a boar pens will be in close neighborhood of pens for gilts waiting to be covered, thanks to which reproduction will be more efficient. A door can be made between pens, which the breeder can open after noticing the heat symptoms in the sows and allowing them for mating. Opaque boars should not be placed next to other boars or next to farrowing rooms, as this can create unnecessary stress for both groups. When starting with the preparation of the boar pen, it is important to remember that the height of the barriers should be high enough to prevent the animal from climbing and supporting on them. This will reduce the risk of limb injuries, which are important for health in breeding.