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Dotacje z Unii Europejskiej

POLNET Partnerem Seminarium trzodowego top agrar Polska

Polnet is the partner of Pig Seminar “Top Agrar Poland"

This year we take a part in the seminars organized by “Top Agrar Poland”. We invite to Poznan all interested in pig production and in our lecture on 28 May 2018 to Poznan Biocentrum – str. Dojazd 11, and on 29 May 2018 to Wabrzezno – hotel Rondo – str. Mikołaja z Ryńska 11A. We will speak about automatic sorting stations for fatteners. We will also present the advantages of our new product. Computer-controlled feeding and watering system - COMPACT DISPENSER - the only compact system that combines NUTRITION AND FEEDING. You are welcome.